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亚搏体育app竞彩:蓝军英超首秀即传射!左路风暴由他刮起 切尔西找到新A-科尔

In the Premier League's first show, he passed the shot and made a contribution, Chilwell's performance is worthy of the 9.2 points after the game. However, this new addition, who carried the expectations of the Blues fans, experienced a nightmare first 10 minutes. Chilwell's ability to adjust can be seen in such a performance after a bad start.


The reason why Chilwell experienced a nightmarish first 10 minutes is because he lost the ball 5 times during this time period, with the highest 22 players on the field, and the cooperation between him and his teammates is not a tacit understanding. .

Chilwell最初的10分钟经历一场噩梦的原因是因为他在这段时间里失球5次,场上最高的22位球员,而且他与队友之间的合作并不是默契。 。

However, as the game progressed, Chilwell's performance has steadily improved. After a volley burst shot before the second half to help the team open the door to victory, he used his iconic cross to assist Zuma to expand the score.


Passing was completed in the Premier League debut, Chilwell immediately brushed two key records:


1. He is the 23rd player to score for Chelsea in the Premier League debut, and is also the first England player to score in the first show after Paul Hughes (January 1997);


2. He is the third player in the Chelsea Premier League to send a shot for the first time. The two players were Portuguese star Deco (August 2008) and Spaniard Morata (August 2017).

他是切尔西英超联赛中第三位首次发球的球员。两位球星分别是葡萄牙球星德科(2008年8月)和西班牙人莫拉塔(Spaniard Morata)(2017年8月)。

If there is only the data of passing shots, Chilwell will not be able to get the highest score of the team. In addition to goals and assists, he touched the ball up to 111 times, sent 3 threatening passes and 3 effective interceptions. Considering the low possession rate of Crystal Palace and the limited number of counterattacks in this game, Chilwell is abso亚搏体育app竞彩lutely commendable for his performance.


After Ashley Cole, Chelsea fans have never been able to find a top left-back. Even Felipe Louis, who played well in Atletico Madrid, did not meet expectations at Stamford Bridge. Today, Marcos Alonso and Emerson in Chelsea have too obvious advantages and disadvantages, and both of them have become marginal.

在阿什利·科尔之后,切尔西的球迷再也找不到一个左后卫了。甚至在马德里竞技比赛中表现出色的费利佩·路易斯(Felipe Louis)也未能达到斯坦福桥的期望。如今,切尔西的马科斯·阿隆索和爱默生都拥有明显的优势和劣势,而且两者都已变得微不足道。

The excitement of Chelsea fans can be understood when Chilwell, who has better confrontation ability and speed, arrives. Now this kind of performance in the Premier League debut has given him a good start. Although it is too early to draw a conclusion, but with Ashley Cole's example in front of him, why is it too much to look forward to Chilwell?

当具有更好对抗能力和速度的切尔韦尔来到时,切尔西球迷的兴奋就可以理解了。现在,这种在英超联赛处子秀中的表现为他提供了一个良好的开端。尽管下结论还为时过早,但是在Ashley Cole的榜样面前,为什么对Chilwell寄予厚望呢?

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